FEAR is false!

Divya Chandan
2 min readJun 17, 2022


You’d have probably experienced numerous times that you’ve been eager for something to happen, and it did happen, exactly in an opposite way! The way you never wanted it to be!

You desperately wished for something assuming that is best for you. However, you did not get it and that made you feel dejected. The feeling of disappointment is momentary and it’s not permanent. It’ll make you feel sad till you get something which will be better than former best. Someone said it so truly, “There’s always something best planned for you already than your own plans”. And you still keep on wondering why it did not happen the way you wanted.

Bob Goff once wrote, “Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives will not have a title until much later”.You need to believe in something. Be it destiny or karma. You cannot connect dots looking forward. But, one day you’ll be able to connect dots looking backward.

Sometimes you’re pushed back and believe it or not, you’re being prepared for a long jump. Worrying about a problem is a real problem. Having a problem is not at all a problem. But always thinking of a problem as a problem is a problem.

We all have somewhere accepted that worrying is an integral part of our lives and if we have nothing to worry about, we start worrying about not having worries.

Last month has been one heck of the month for me where things took turn so drastically. Do all good things end? No, They don’t! And my words rather I should say my belief is proof to it. If I’m writing this, do I follow it? Answer for this would be “No”, It is a part of improvement for me.