Hold on, and it’ll all be great!

Divya Chandan
3 min readMay 21, 2022


While I woke up in the morning today, my mom asked me a question, 'Are you ready for the new start?' Lot of things came into my mind while I was about to answer to her question. She asked me about the major things which I learnt from past two years while I had so much time to be with myself. I couldn’t explain but I’ve articulated those things. I’m going to share 10 things which were the highlights, let me know if you vibe with this too.

1. If you’re not happy, you can’t make others happy: Absolutely there’s no direct way to answer this. Do not always pretend to be happy when you’re not. This action of pretending will never make you aware of your own happiness. There’s a frequency with which you and your surrounding resonates and if it’s not same, it’ll be visible.

2. Understand your depth before you connect with people : Become aware of your own anxieties, insecurities before you show them off in front of people. Atleast be aware of your anxieties and insecurities.

3. Build your own dreams and make them your priorities: I’ve often seen people talking about fulfilling or completing the dreams their beloved ones have. If you’re one of them, understand that there’s a difference between fulfilling their dreams and supporting their dreams. It is definitely your responsibility to provide the support both in their lows and highs but it is not at all your responsibility to complete their dreams.

4. Do not hold onto something which looks like temporary happiness: Have you ever heard about "Hedonic trademill". If not, search it and it’ll explain about the temporary happiness. Do not ignore knowing your temporary happiness.

5. Nobody will make you proud as much as you do to yourselves: No matter what, you’re responsible for your own life. Make yourself proud every single day. Hold onto things which evolve you every single day.

6. Get out of your comfort zone before it’s too late: There’s no next time. No third chances (even if there are second ones). It is now or never.

7. Believe in "Everything happens for a reason": Do you ever happen to ask yourself, " Why this is happening to me? " (especially when something wrong happens). Well, let me tell you giving my example. I’ve asked the question to myself so many times. But, the moment I sat down and tried connecting the dots, it all made sense. You just need to hold on and eventually, all of it makes absolute sense.

8. Radiate the best energetic aura: Compliment people even for the small things they do for you. Demonstrate more on generosity along with your leadership qualities.

9. Actions speak louder than words: When people speak upon your actions and when they let you down, do not get demotivated. Instead, take it as an inspiration. You show the best in you when you are in such situations. Work in silence and let the actions make noise.

10. Make connections, love right as well as wrong people: Never blame yourselves for loving the wrong ones. I’ve often seen people bragging on hating someone. There’s nothing right or wrong too. These are just the perspectives and definitions which people have defined on their own. It is necessary to meet wrong ones cause they teach you how you need be with right ones.