What’s meant for you will always find it’s way!

Divya Chandan
2 min readJun 19, 2021


There are some beliefs that have a significant impact on how we interact with the world in a positive way. These ideas safeguard us from being trapped in a scarcity mindset, allowing us to understand what is truly compatible with us and whether it is good fit for us and our lives.

When I first thought of this statement (What’s meant for you will always find it’s way), the image that sprang to my mind was whether or not I’m in line with myself, whether or not I was honestly expressing myself. Whether I’m aware of my discernment, that is, whether I’m good at determining where I want to draw my boundaries and what I say “yes” to vs what I say “no” to. Whether I’m aware of my creative potential and choosing for myself as a result of active engagement in making conscious decisions that I’m not leaving my center to look for anything outside of myself because I’m in a state of scarcity.

Anything that is in tune with you will naturally be for you if you’re expressing yourself genuinely. If you’re irritated or depressed and someone makes a remark, its possible that you escalate into an argument. You’re in charge of your own field. You’re in charge of how you react to it and how much energy you give it.

Things that are in alignment with us are going to come through to us. As we go closer to the alignment, we attract the understandings into our life that we could see in the past but couldn’t access because we weren’t in the condition where we could completely absorb them.

When we get to the place where we are pretty comfortable, the things that are in alignment with us, the things that are compatible with us, that’s where our vibration matches with the flow. When I say What’s meant for you will always find it’s way, what I mean by that is when you come into an empowered place that you’re always given that invitation to go to, it’s never too late to step into your power and start to coming into authentic expression.